Very Berry Canada Day Highlights

Nothing is as quintessential to Canada Day as strawberries. That’s why Berry Growers of Ontario invited food media and influencers to experience the heart of berry production in Ontario’s Norfolk County. 

In June 2019, Greater Toronto Area journalists visited Blueberry Hill Estates, St. Williams, Ontario. Owner Nick Vranckx showcased his 13 varieties of blueberries. He’s fervently passionate about how blueberries “make your day better.”

Sue Mah, registered dietitian and frequent media commentator, encouraged her followers to enjoy local food whenever possible. And she pointed out that the anthocyanins are what give berries their beautiful colour.

Marcella DiLonardo, author of Bake the Seasons, underlined the fact that Ontario berries have the smallest carbon footprint, picked almost in the backyard of most consumers.

With about 200 berry growers scattered across all regions of Ontario, it’s easy to source local berries in season. Tom Heeman, president, Berry Growers of Ontario, underscored the renaissance of on-farm and farmers’ markets. Why wait any longer for this entertaining experience? Local field-grown strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are available May through October.

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