Austin’s PYO

Meet the Sloot Family - the owners and operators of Austin's Pick Your Own Farm in Waterford, ON. They have been operating this farm with their three children since 1995. Their crop speciality is strawberries which are in peak season right now!

For more information on their farm - visit their facebook page tagged above or their website

Brambleberry Farm

Meet Kerry & Bill from Brambleberry Farm in the Trenton area. They have farmed berries for 35 years and have about 30 acres of PYO strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, currants and gooseberries. They grow the typical red raspberry we are all used to - but also grow purple and black raspberries as well! Visit them to see and enjoy all of their delicious berries!


The Phillip's Family took ownership of Avonmore Berry Farm in 1990. It is located in the heart of Eastern Ontario, nestled between Ottawa, Cornwall and Montreal. When you visit the farm you can be sure to enjoy strawberries, raspberries, 40 acres of vegetables and apples. A special treat at Avonmore Berry Farm is their on-site farm bakery that has homemade pies, biscuits, tarts, muffins and jams. To find out more information about Avonmore Berry Farm, please visit

Thames River Melons

Thames River Melons began in 1984 with an acre of cantaloupe. Today, the 500 acre farm is owned and operated by Rob and Maria Chesney and their children Alex (Nathan), Luke, Grant, and Ella. Along with family, friends, and neighbours they grow and sell a wide variety of produce ranging from asparagus and rhubarb to strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries (including pick your own), watermelon, cantaloupe, and many different vegetables.

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