Explaining Ontario Summer Strawberries

There’s no better way to kick off the summer than with strawberries.

For 49 weeks of the year, your local berry grower is nurturing the plants, protecting them with straw-all for that sweet unforgettable taste in the three weeks spanning the end of June and the first weeks of July.

For those strawberries to appear, remember that honeybees have pollinated the white flowers about four to six weeks before. One flower, one berry. There may be up to 10 blooms on one truss, the non-woody stem.

Ontario growers aim to have their strawberries picked by 7 am and ready for delivery to grocers by 9 am. Their hope is that you’ll be jamming fresh strawberries into your mouth in the evening.

Want strawberries even fresher? Pick-your-own strawberry farms are a fun place to be for all ages. Welcome to strawberry summer!

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