Saskatoon Berries


Saskatoon Berries, often referred to as Saskatoons are purplish-blue berries grown on a shrub type bush. Although they look similar to blueberries they have a unique flavour that is excellent in preserves and pies and very tasty right off the bush.

Peak Season:

Saskatoon berry harvest usually begins in early July and will last two to three weeks.

Storage and Handling: Store berries in a cool refrigerator OR AT 0 degrees C with 90-95%humidity. This will prolong shelf life and reduce moisture loss. Saskatoons should be consumed within 10-14 days of purchase or they can be frozen up to a year.


Saskatoons are easy to harvest, prepare and store. There is no cutting, peeling or pitting! When freezing remember - don't not wash saskatoons before you freeze them. Place berries one layer deep on baking trays; freeze, then pack in plastic bags or containers. Rinse and drain frozen berries just before using.

Nutritional Information

Calories Protien Fat Sat. Fat % Cal. Fat Sodium
 80 1.0 gms 0.5 gms 0.0 gms 0% 0.0 mg
Carbs Fibre Vit. A Vit. C Calcium Iron
 18 gms  6.0 gms 2% RDA 6% RDA 4% RDA 6% RDA
Based on 1 cup fresh Saskatoon Berries

Saskatoon Historical Facts

The Saskatoon Berry’s name is derived from the Cree word Mis-sask-quah-toomina, a word that sounds similar to Saskatoons. The Aboriginal people and early pioneers used Saskatoons as a staple food in traditional foods such as pemmican.

Saskatoon Horticultural Facts

The Saskatoon grows on a shrub like bush that can grow as high as 6 metres in height. The plants are used as commercial crop, in home gardens and as a landscape shrub. The Saskatoon is a member of the apple family and is very hardy. This berry is native to most areas of Canada and is also known by many other names including service berry.